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п»їHow to achieve your first rope climb or rope climb
Rope climbing or rope climbing is an exercise widely used in Crossfit practice that is not easy for a beginner. It is a complex movement that requires coordination and strength therefore, we give you some keys to achieve the first rope climbing which would be the same, to climb the rope.
Strengthen your arms
The first thing we should be able to do is to hold ourselves hanging on the rope using both hands.
If we can do it on a fixed bar it is likely that we can do it on a rope as well. Otherwise, we will require strength in our arms to achieve rope climbing for the first time and for this, we can execute all kinds of movements, the most effective being those in which we must pull or push as push-ups, shoulder presses, dominated or paddled.
When you manage to hang on with your arms on the rope you are ready to start climbing and achieve your first rope climb or rope climbing.
Help yourself with your legs
The legs are not the ones that will make the most strength but they are the support and the main help that our arms will have to successfully achieve our first rope climbing.
Thus, we must pass the rope through the inner face of one of our thighs and wind the rope around the leg of that side and that same foot. Finally, we will step on the rope with the other foot so that it does not escape, leaving the rope between the shoes.
In this way we will create a support to support our feet and push ourselves upwards, preventing us from slipping down.
Another option to hold the rope between the legs and thus, push us on it is the so-called "Froning clamp" because it is the one used by the Rich Froning crossfitter to climb. It consists of passing the rope behind one leg and below the foot and catching it with the other shoe so that it is above one of our feet and below the other, immobilized.
Once we learn to support our feet on the rope and have strong arms to move forward, the movement is much simpler.
Mobilize hips and legs in a coordinated way
Having supported feet on the rope and supported with our arms of the rope, we can only move legs and hips with arms at the same time to finally climb to the top.
Thus, it is advisable to flex the hip and bring the knees to the chest to raise the point of support of the feet on the rope and from there, give us the impulse to climb with the arms up.
With each elevation of the feet the hip will fall backwards and our arms above the head, then must move forward to extend the hip and stay attached to the rope.
Thus, chaining a gesture and another we will manage to climb gradually to achieve our first rope climbing or rope climb as you can see in the following video:
Video | Jason Khalipa
Image | iStock

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