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Oral sex: fellatio, cunnilingus, anilingus ... what do they consist of?
Oral sex: fellatio, cunnilingus, anilingus ... what do they consist of?
When we talk about oral sex we mean sexual exercise consisting of stimulating both male and female genitals with the help of the mouth, lips or tongue. His practices range from fellatio to cunnilingus, not forgetting rimming or anilingus (black kiss).
Loaded with great erotic potential, it is a practice widely incorporated into the sexual repertoire, since it is capable of giving us truly suggestive images and sensations. The temperature and humidity of our mouth, the shape and texture of our tongue, or the softness and pressure that our lips can exert on the sexual organs (both male and female) open a world of possibilities when it comes to experiencing it, making of this habit the best of appetizers in love affairs.
Really the success of a pleasant oral sex is hidden after a good communication of couple. We must remember that expressing our preferences and desires, in addition to facilitating the task of our playmate, will make us enjoy our meetings to the fullest, since we all do not feel interest in the same things. Look for a position that is comfortable for both of you, guide each other in the pursuit of pleasure and ... to enjoy!
However, we must bear in mind that oral sex is not without risks, so we will pay special attention to the dangers that this can entail. The bucogenital contact can constitute a route of transmission of diseases that will be possible to avoid us thanks to the simple and practical advice that we are going to offer you here…. Learn once again to enjoy your sexual relations without complications!
Types of oral sex practices
Attending to the area on which oral stimulation is practiced, we can find various practices that are called cunnilingus, fellatio and anilingus or rimming (black kiss). Next we tell you what they consist of and the keys to enjoy them.
The so-called cunnilingus refers to the oral stimulation that is carried out on the female sexual organs. The vulva, the clitoris and the entrance of the vagina are the key points on which to act, but fiddling around the area can gladly increase the temperature. Some tips that we offer you can be licking the vulva, exerting slight pressures on the clitoris (beware of direct contact at this point, because it is a very sensitive area and can become annoying) or introduce the tongue gently into the vagina , but it will be her who best indicates to you what she likes best, and above all the rhythm and friction that you must maintain to maximize her excitement.
One last and no less important point ... Be careful with the irritating beards!
The fellatio consists of orally stimulating the male genitals, with special emphasis on the glans, the trunk of the penis and the unjustly forgotten scrotum. Our advice? Start slowly and gently, but above all do not focus solely on the penis, take into account different areas such as massaging and licking the testicles or the perineum will provide multiple sensations and intensify the pleasure of your sexual partner.
Similarly, the penis is not only composed of the glans, but sliding the tongue through the entire lower part of the trunk and delight in massaging his preputial frenulum is a practice that many men welcome. Another star tip ... Be careful with your teeth!
Anilingus or rimming
We talk about anilingus, rimming or black kiss when oral stimulation is performed on the anal area. This type of oral sex is not as common as the previous ones, but we inform you that this part of our anatomy is equipped with multiple nerve endings capable of providing very intense sensations. Do you dare to try it?
Do you dare with simultaneous oral pleasure? The position of 69 is that both partners provide and receive oral sex at the same time. Do you think you would be able to let yourself go and fully enjoy the oral relationship? Would you keep your concentration to practice a pleasant oral sex for your partner? It's all about trying, trying and getting carried away ...

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