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      IMAGINACTION EVENT   01/15/2017

      (debajo está el texto en español) IMAGINACTION EVENT (post your ideas in the section NEWS/GAME NEWS/EVENT, in the forum) Remember that to participate you must press "like button" in the Facebook page (@playageofspace) The event will reward the best ideas that can be applied to AgeOfSpace in each one of this sections:
      Economy, Colonization, War, Alliances, Other ideas. The winner of each section will receive 250,000 AM
      The second winner of each section will receive 120,000 AM
      The third winner of each section will receive 55,000 AM
      The deadline is for 01/03/2017, so you have plenty of time to write, read and modify your ideas until you can aspire to win a prize.
      Aspects to consider:
      -The ideas should be written in English or Spanish (it's the same event for everyone)
      - It will be positively valued that the idea is easy to apply to the game, we do not want impossible ideas, we want good ideas to be able to develop them
      and to make reality, that is the main objective of this event.
      -There is no text limit for ideas and each user can participate in all sections (economy, Colonization, War, Alliances, Other ideas)
      and with several ideas in each area.
      -Will gain the ideas selected for the moderation team and revised for de ADMINS
      -The winner of the idea of each section should copy it and paste it on facebook with a link to the game's Crowfunding page (developing).
      Through Crowfunding we want to raise money to pay for the development of PHP code of the WINNING IDEAS, so you can apply them
      paying an expert programmer, or investing us in a greater effort for its elaboration.
      Come to participate, we want to grow but we need good ideas and you are our family, we want your creativity Imaginaction has arrived, are you going to miss out on this opportunity? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMAGINACTION EVENT (escribe tus ideas en la sección del FORO Novedades/Novedades del juego/ Evento) Recuerda que para participar deberás dar "like" a la página de Facebook (@playageofspace) El evento premiará a las mejores ideas que puedan aplicarse a AgeOfSpace en cada una de estas secciones:
      Economía, Colonización, Guerra, Alianzas, Otras ideas. El ganador de cada sección recibirá 250.000 AM
      El segundo ganador de cada sección recibirá 120.000 AM
      El tercer ganador de cada sección recibirá 55.000 AM
      La deadline es para el 01/03/2017, por lo que tenéis mucho tiempo para escribir, leer y modificar vuestras ideas hasta que puedan aspirar a ganar un premio.
      Aspectos a tener en cuenta:
      -Las ideas deberán estar escritas en ingles o español (es el mismo evento para todos)
      -Se valorará positivamente que la idea sea facil de aplicar a el juego, no queremos ideas imposibles, queremos ideas buenas para poderlas desarrollar
      y hacer realidad, ese es el objetivo principal de este evento.
      -No hay un límite de texto para las ideas y cada usuario puede participar en todas las secciones (economía, Colonización, Guerra, Alianzas, Otras ideas)
      y con varias ideas en cada área.
      -Ganarán las ideas que el equipo de moderación seleccione
      -El ganador de la idea de cada sección deberá copiarla y pegarla en facebook con un enlace a la página de Crowfunding del juego (en desarrollo).
      A través del Crowfunding queremos recaudar dinero para pagar por el desarrollo del código PHP de las IDEAS GANADORAS, para así poderlas aplicar
      pagando a un programador experto, o bien invirtiendo nosotros en un mayor esfuerzo para su elaboración.
      Anímate a participar, queremos crecer pero necesitamos buenas ideas y vosotros sois nuestra familia, contamos con vuestra creatividad Imaginaction ha llegado ¿vas a dejar escapar esta oportunidad?     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Imperial Dominion Media Broadcast

2 posts in this topic

Greetings listeners!!!

ID has decided to start broadcasting reports from the Universe before we are no more !!!

Our reporters in the field are quickly discovering just how dangerous this universe is. from Citizens to entire systems and alliances alike are discovering there are some major players in our the

Universe. From cybernetic borgies to tightly wrapped candies there is dangers from everywhere. The borg with there tireless struggle to assimilate our known universe to those sweet but can be bitter Candy coated battleships of the candy factory the universe is on high alert.

we at IDNG hope to bring you the latest (after imperial editing of coarse) of stories , action and sports from every corner of the universe. bringing you our galactic readers the news as we make it =P...I mean discover it.






Story 1 : Reported directly from the frontlines (reporters name has been withheld for fear of assimilation)

We have been watching as the Candy Inc group attempts to round out those wild borg that escaped from other universes into our peaceful corner of the multiverse and started eating planets, ships and citizens alike. many reports indicating no citizen is safe from these wild boars...we mean borgs. we are recommending keeping resource levels low and fleets constantly moving.

Story 2 : Reported by Jam-ion incredibly sexy front like report in the field for the IDNG

Imperial Dominion is still actively searching for those last 3 canidates to join the good fight and try and bring this horribly process to a close. Apply today !! as a special offer sign up today and get entered into a draw for free galactic snowcones for 1 year.

Story 3: Reported directly by the galaxies favorite reporter Jam-ion

Jam-ion here and I recently had the chances to interview a borg on just whats going with there alliance his identity is being kept secret as he was not authorized to speak on behalf of his

collective union. here are some of my questions.

mr. 19 of 87654321 what is the borg collective been upto and how did they get so strong so quickly?

19 of 87654321: we are the borg, you will be assimilate resistances is futile *borg grabs Jam-ion and attempts to stick technological appendages into his fresh* , *Jam-ion worms his way out of his grip* Jam-ion: yes yes sir but what is the real deal man give our readers some details? 19 of 87654321: your technological and biological advancements will be added to our own ,

resistances is futile *borg trys to stun jam-ion with some kind of stun beam, but the graceful jam-ion side steps the laser attachment*

Jam-ion: ok its clear mr borg your having a bad day and this isn't a good time to speak with you. Borg 19 of 87654321 *activates galactic beacon to bring in more drones to assimilate the news room cast member* .....well that's all for now we are calling a end to this insightful interview before the backup arrives ...due to technological difficulties..*Jam-ion runs onto his escape

shuttlecraft and flys back to his battleship ...we mean new broadcasting cruiser....


--------------------------------* Newscast has been interrupted by communication jammers *-------------------------------------------------------

the network apologises for the interruption and will continue its broadcast from a safe location =P

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