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Imperatrix Galactica


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Soon in our CHRISTMAS EVENT:  

- Limited edition of SPACESHIPS and SPECIAL DEFENSES.

- Many gifts for the members of our AGE OF SPACE COMMUNITY.

More information in a few days,

Thanks to everyone!

-  Age of Space Team -


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From the AgeOfSpace team we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and have a happy and prosperous year 2019

For a few days we have activated a special ship, "Winter Battleship", is an improved battle ship that will only be available for construction for a few days.
This ship will not be able to get back.

Also, during these days, we have activated an x5 in the purchase of antimatter, that means that you will receive 5 times what you have bought.
Also, we have enabled a 50% discount on construction and instant research.

The new version of the game is available to be tested between January and February, so this will be the last offer to be made before switching to the new version.

Greetings to all players, happy Christmas and happy 2019.

Winter battleship.jpg

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