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Devlog 2 - New universe Balrog

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Hello players!


First of all apologize, it has been a few months since the last devlog. With the merging of the universes we saw that some errors had been formed and that there was slowness in the game.

So we did a great restructuring of the code, updated to php 7.2 and many libraries that we use. Now the game goes much faster and without any errors. Also during this time we have remodeled several pages of the game and changed the appearance of the game making it much more friendly.

We have also added a new interactive tutorial that we hope will help players in their first steps, this tutorial replaces the first missions. 

Now that we have the game stable and without errors we have decided to open a new universe, which will be called "Balrog" which will open in the next hours. We hope to give new players a chance to reach the top 1! 

Because the previous forum was very badly organized we decided to delete it and start again, for now there will only be the 2 most used languages of the game that are English and Spanish, we will soon add more sections. 

Here you have the changelog full of this new version of the game.


  • Rework of the message page: We have visually changed the message page, in such a way that now it has a much more pleasant design, we have also designed the espionage report in such a way that now it has a much cleaner and more comfortable design besides show more information, we have also changed the visual style of the message design of the battles adding more information.
  • Rework of the statistics page: We have updated the statistics page of the game visually, now it has a cleaner design and you can see the detailed classification of the alliances
  • Rework page sent of fleet: We have changed the sending of fleets doing it faster, it has gone from separating in 3 steps to only 2. Now it is much more intuitive.
  • Rework galaxy: We have redesigned the appearance of the galaxy by making it cleaner, and now you can move around the galaxy using the arrows on the keyboard.
  • New in-game tutorial: We have added a new tutorial to the game that replaces the first missions and that guides new players in their first steps in the game
  • Rework left menu: Because we did not fit all the elements in an appropriate way we decided to completely change the left menu of the game, adding indicators in case of attack.
  • Historical score in player profile: Now in the profile of each player is shown a graph with a history of the score of that player.
  • Now the construction / instantaneous investigation, will be free in case there are less than 5 minutes left.
  • Due to the change to php 7.2 we had to change the editor of the main page of the alliance, the current one is provisional.
  • The accounts I.A. work without errors currently
  • You can switch between planets using a keyboard combination
  • Updated the game template engine
  • Updated the library that is used for the automatic things of the game like statistics.
  • We have updated the game to Php 7.2
  • And many minor fixes and improvements!

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