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  1. Imperatrix Galactica


    Soon in our CHRISTMAS EVENT: - Limited edition of SPACESHIPS and SPECIAL DEFENSES. - Many gifts for the members of our AGE OF SPACE COMMUNITY. More information in a few days, Thanks to everyone! - Age of Space Team -
  2. Imperatrix Galactica


    PRÓXIMAMENTE en nuestro EVENTO DE NAVIDAD: -Edición limitada de NAVES y DEFENSAS ESPECIALES - Muchos regalos para los miembros de la COMUNIDAD AGE OF SPACE Más información en unos días, Gracias a tod@s! - El equipo de Age of Space -
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    Gracias por tu aporte Miles Teg 😉 , muevo el hilo a guías y manuales de la Comunidad, Un saludo, Imperatrix G.
  4. Gracias por tu aporte Miles Teg 😉 , muevo el hilo a guías y manuales de la Comunidad, Un saludo, Imperatrix G.
  5. Gracias por tu aporte Canario89😉 , muevo el hilo a guías y manuales de la Comunidad, Un saludo, Imperatrix G.
  6. Imperatrix Galactica


    Gracias por tu aporte Miles Teg 😉 , muevo el hilo a guías y manuales de la Comunidad, Un saludo, Imperatrix G.
  7. Imperatrix Galactica


    Gracias por tu aporte Miles Teg 😉 , muevo el hilo a guías y manuales de la Comunidad, Un saludo, Imperatrix G.
  8. Imperatrix Galactica

    improve the game

    Thanks for your suggestions, the Age of Space team is already working on some new features. As soon as possible you will have more information in-game and on our Facebook. Best regards, Imperatrix Galactica
  9. Imperatrix Galactica

    Ideas para mejorar el juego

    Hola Assamita, Agradecemos mucho tus sugerencias, algunas de ellas ya se están valorando para la próxima versión de Age of Space que estamos preparando, Proximamente tendréis más info acerca de éstas mejoras y novedades en la página de inicio del juego y en nuestro Facebook, Saludos, Imperatrix Galactica
  10. Imperatrix Galactica

    [Errores]: Botón de cargar e Investigación Nanorobotic

    Hola Assamita, Perdona la demora en contestarte, vamos a revisarlo con el Equipo Técnico, Te daremos respuesta a la mayor brevedad, Un saludo y buen juego,
  11. Imperatrix Galactica


    Hi Tinuon, Your base is your Main Planet, you can see it in-game on the right side of your screen, Originally you have a single planet (your base), then you can found colonies investigating astrophysical technology,
  12. Imperatrix Galactica

    Age Of Space:::TUTORIALS

    1. First steps In the beginning Age of Space (AoS) might be a little confusing, for any new player, even if this is not his first online multiplayer game but especially for those who are not use to browser games. But even if AoS is not the first browser game one plays, it is normal for problems and questions to show up, and that a newcomer does not know everything. We want to provide help for both groups in order to make it easier to learn everything about AoS in a pleasant and easy way. In the spirit of the words of Douglas Adams: "DON'T PANIC", all will become clear after reading this tutorial. We did not create this project as a replacement for the in-game Tutorial, which you may have noticed in the game, but as an addition to it. By working along the game's tutorial you will nonetheless receive the rewards given for various important milestones while building up your Empire. Here, in wiki, you will find the detailed information needed in the beginning and, moreover, all the information you may need to be successful in further stages of Age of Space (AoS) If this is your first browser game, then there are some special features of this type of game you will need to pick up very fast to be able to feel the pleasure of gaming and survive in game. Contrary to conventional computer games AoS continues even if you are not sitting at the computer. This means that while you work or sleep, thousands of other players may be online in your universe and are able to attack you as well. AoS does not need any additional software, and you can play AoS at any computer, mobile phone or tablet with a web-browser and a connection to the internet. One needs to think more strategically than in a normal game where you can save, reload or end a game. But don't worry - this tutorial will provide you with every bit of information you may need and it will not take a long time to get use to it. Getting a feel for Age os Space (AoS) Like in every other game it is recommended to get an idea of the interface at first. You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you are presented with, but you will become accustomed to it very quickly. Up top, your eyes are immediately drawn to the different resources you possess. Titanium, Graphene and Deuterium are necessary for the construction of buildings, ships and conducting research. Generally Energy is used to run the Mines. The fifth resource - Antimatter - plays a special role and will be introduced later in the chapter <<Premium features>>. Along the left of the page are the main game menus. Behind each one you can find vital information about the state of your empire, and universe you play in. These menus allow you to construct resource buildings, facilities, ships, defense, conduct research, launch missions, communicate with other players, or purchase the premium features. Each of these options will be covered further by this tutorial. Beneath this menu you will find an "envelope". This is your direct link to the messaging system where you can communicate with others, read fleet reports, alliance messages or other reports shared by your friends and allies or generated by the system as you play. It will glow and show a number when there is new mail to be read. Next to the letter symbol you can see the chat symbol where you can find all personal messages from your alliance mates, buddies or even strangers. On the right hand side of the page is a direct link to each planet you will come to own. Currently you have only one, but in time as you colonise more planets this list will allow you to navigate through your colonies with ease. At the very top (left, center, and right)of your game window one can find another ledge including links to the high-scores, hall of fame, forum, achievements, academy, battle simulator, wiki-guide, support, forum, game rules, friend list, game options, tech tree, and other important information. Upon completion of this tutorial It would be wise to check these out. In the lower right corner you can see a chat bar for general chat and personal messages similar to the one from Facebook that can be opened or closed by a single click on the bar. Due to the fact that there is no real end game goal in Age of Space (AoS) - which means the game does not end at a specific point by achieving something special - the gamer finds himself in a constant competition with every other gamer playing in the universe, loosing and winning, learning and progressing through ranks. To be successful, you have to gather as many resources as possible and invest them into your account. In order to achieve this goal you can either mine them on your planets, trade with other players or you can assault your competitors and steal their resources, whilst at the same time defend your resources from others. All of this again will be covered in the tutorial, so have no fear, all will become clear. In the next chapter <<Basic economy>> we are going to start by showing you how to build your first mine.
  13. Imperatrix Galactica

    Age Of Space:::TUTORIALS

    Dear player, This is collection of basic information of following: 1. First steps 2. Basic economy 3. Buildings 4. Defense 5. Research 6. Ships 7. Saving 8. Trade 9. Espionage 10. Raids 11. ACS 12. IPM 13. Expedition 14. Colonisation 15. Noob protection 16. Moon 17. Alliance and community 18. Premium features 19. Account settings 20. Rules and problems 21. Credits and changelogs
  14. Imperatrix Galactica

    Accidentally Demolished my Deuterium Mine

    Unfortunately, destroying a building is an action that can not be canceled . You should build another mine, and be more careful next time