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  1. Imperatrix Galactica

    [Reporte]: Cheats

    Hola Assamita, Efectivamente parece que existen algunos jugadores aprovechando un bug para obtener recursos, y ya ha habido algún baneo en el universo Cassiopea por éste motivo, pero no estoy segura que el jugador que comentas se encuentre entre ellos y lo revisaremos. Estoy dialogando con los administradores, para que se pronuncien, y tomen cartas en el asunto para atajar definitivamente éste problema De verdad espero que todo ésto se resuelva a la mayor brevedad, Os mantendré informad@s, Un saludo, Imperatrix Galactica
  2. Imperatrix Galactica

    [Errores]: Botón de cargar e Investigación Nanorobotic

    Gracias! tomo nota. Les voy pasando a los programadores todos los errores que me comunicáis, la cuestión es que están con la nueva versión casi lista y tardan bastante en hacerme caso. En éstos días os informaremos por el foro y el facebook de la evolución, Por mi parte les insistiré en todos los errores que me notificas, te estoy muy agradecida por usar el foro. Buen juego, y buena semana 😉
  3. Imperatrix Galactica

    [Errores]: Botón de cargar e Investigación Nanorobotic

    Muchas gracias Assamita, Hablaré con el equipo técnico para que lo corrija , Perdona la demora en contestarte he estado un poco ausente con las fiestas, Saludos y buen juego,
  4. Imperatrix Galactica


    Desde el equipo de AgeOfSpace os queremos desear que esteis pasando unas felices navidades y que tengáis un feliz y prospero año 2019Durante unos días hemos activado una nave especial, "Winter Battleship", es una nave de batalla mejorada que solo estará disponible para su construcción durante unos pocos días.Esta nave no se podrá volver a conseguir.Ademas, durante estos días, hemos activado un x5 en la compra de antimateria, eso significa que recibirás 5 veces lo que hayas comprado. También, hemos habilitado un 50% de descuento en la construcción e investigación instantánea.La nueva versión del juego está disponible para ser probada entre enero y febrero, así que esta sera la ultima oferta que se haga antes de cambiar a la nueva versión.Un saludo a todos los jugadores, feliz navidad y feliz 2019.
  5. Imperatrix Galactica


    From the AgeOfSpace team we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and have a happy and prosperous year 2019 For a few days we have activated a special ship, "Winter Battleship", is an improved battle ship that will only be available for construction for a few days. This ship will not be able to get back. Also, during these days, we have activated an x5 in the purchase of antimatter, that means that you will receive 5 times what you have bought. Also, we have enabled a 50% discount on construction and instant research. The new version of the game is available to be tested between January and February, so this will be the last offer to be made before switching to the new version. Greetings to all players, happy Christmas and happy 2019.
  6. Imperatrix Galactica

    Guide 02: Miner Guide

    As you all know, AgeOfSpace (AoS) is a strategy game. Each player must make his own strategy, this guide contains only a few aspects what worth taking into consideration when selecting to play AoS as a miner.==What makes you a miner==A miner is a player whose main income is coming form his own production of resources . Is hard and slow to advance in game only as a pure miner, you might want to consider in farming the inactives, don’t be shy, everybody does it.It is already well known that miners are playing an important role in AgeOfSpace's “economy “ . Playing as a miner is less time consuming than playing as a fleeter , the points you gain through continuous upgrade of your mines will provide you a steady and progressive advancement in ranks, steady but slow. The points you gain are permanent, while a fleeter points will consists in fleet points and thus can be lost over night. You can achieve top ranks in your universe with the condition that you are a constant and perseverant player, and you will have patience to work on your mines for a few years. Having a strong alliance with like minded fellow player can only be of help and a stimulant for a long time play career in AgeOfSpace. ==Account building for miners==You start colonizing as soon as possibleYou have to keep only colonies with higher fields Consider abandoning the home planet once you find a high field colony ( over 200 fields) Some miners are usually positioning colonies in the same system – this is a very bad strategy and a major weakness , will explain later why Develop first the technologies that are serving you Calculate with care what it will be your next min . Take into consideration the amortizationDon’t spend precious fields for buildings you don’t need==How to position your colonies==Do not place your colonies in the same system. This will make you vulnerable to enemies , that can move a planet in your system and farm you until you will be forced to quitBest way to position your colonies is to select places enabling you to fleetsave for a decent amount of hours see tutorial <<fleetsave>> Select a colony that you are going to use as headquarters , take care to get a moon , use it to collect the resources from your other colonies until you get the necessary quantity for your next mine upgrade. It is optimal to position the other colonies so that transports collecting resources to your headquarters will take more or less the same time and thus you will be able to send them in fleetsave or to the colony needing the next upgrade without keeping ships or large amounts of resources on your planet or moon for too long time and tempt some greedy fleeter to attack you.Another reason for a moon would be to store resources and to do BIG trades without being noticed Another advantage of having planets spread across galaxies is a larger range of systems with juicy inactives whose resources can round up your daily income My favorite colony distribution is 2 planets per galaxy . For example : two colonies in G1 , two colonies in G2, two colonies in G4 and two colonies in G6 or G9 ( if you have a circular universe). The 2 colonies per galaxy should be placed at the optimal distance for a good fleetsaving , thus allowing me to periodically change the location of my fleetsaving place , making my playing routine unpredictable for enemies. Later in game, having a moon on every colony will provide you a partial safety ( remember, moons can be destroyed) ==Income & spending management==As said before, your main source of income and base for development is the production of your mines. Therefore is very important how you spend your resources . Maximizing your production can be achieved by :Raising your Maximum production of Titanium, Graphene and Deuterium technologies – it costs you only resources and gives you 2% more titanium, 2% more graphene, and 2% more deuterium per level of development , effective on all your planets all the time.Enlist a geologist : costs Anti-matter gives you 10% of your mines production for all your planetsBuy a resource booster : costs Anti-matter and gives you 10% more production for all resources type on all the planets when its activeEnergy management is very important: the difference between top 100 miner and top10 miner is simple: top 10 miner’s solar plant stops at level 24/25, after a certain level, solar plans are giving a smaller energy output than they cost, use solar satellites instead, especially if your planets are in spot 6 to 9 .Don’t invest in things you don’t need like engine technologies or espionage or computer after a certain level. Investing in armor shield& weapon can enhance your defensive capabilities.Nanites (very useful thing sure, but only build them when you’re building 9 mines on all of your planets and still have some resources left! For example: the time of building next mine is 5 days with your nanite level 3 right? now – saving resources for next mine will take you, say, 2 weeks…so why u build bloody nanite 4? It doesn’t matter if you have wait a week to finish a mine if you don’t have resources to start another one, does it? It will come a time when you’ll need 4 weeks to finish a mine level, in this situation a nanite level in plus can be useful. Don’t build fighting ships unless you need them to farm inactives ==Trading==Don’t believe anyone telling you that selling deuterium at low ratio like 2:1:1 is useless. I met some players telling me that i’d be better off building, say, graphene mine 30 than upping my deuter mine 20. Can’t be bothered with any mathematical proof so let’s take it on faith here - as long as you can spend much less on next deuter mine that any other mine – build that deuterium synthesizer !. You can get important advantages by trading this useful resources with other players.Trading with other players brings one of the most attractive aspects of AgeOfSpace : the social aspect – interaction with other players that can be really advantageous to you if you manage to establish permanent trading connections. By supplying a big fleeter you might be offered also a NAP (Non Agression Pact ) from him, although if you play this game as u should (i.e. by never being profitable to anyone) no need for such NAPs anyway. But these partnerships might be useful for other reasons like: ninjas, return hits of any sat bashers.==Protection of your daily production===Fleetsave =Being a miner means your mines are well developed and have a higher output. It is very important to login at least once a day to “clean up” your colonies by collecting the resources produced over night and ordering new constructions. Before you logoff is important to fleetsave: send your resources in deploy mission . ! YOU HAVE TO BE ONLINE WHEN YOUR CARGOES LAND – NO EXCUSES HERE. And this is about the most important difference between a pure miner and a turtle: a miner uses his (cheap) cargoes to move resources around while the turtle tries to use (expensive) tactic of storing them on his own, heavily defended, planet to do that job. I don’t think I have to tell u which strategy will help u progress quicker…=Defence =This one is simple – any more defence than absolute minimum to guard your sats and offline production – and you’re throwing your money (read resources) away…put it all in them mines. Each resource that we spend in defense doesn't produce resources so we want to spend as less resources as possible in defense to get the maximum profit! The size of defense will depend on the level of your mines e.g. 20 plasmas, 50 gauss, 100 heavy laser 1550 light laser and 1500 missile launcher which proves to be enough to defend the production of level 30 titanium , 25 graphene & 25 deuterium and 200 sats for the entire day.
  7. Imperatrix Galactica

    Guide 01: Player STYLES Guide

    Age of Space's beauty is that a player can develop his own playing style. It is also possible that a player's playing style will change over time. There are mainly two types of playing: fleeter and miner. It is the wide diversity of the possible combinations of various characteristics from both fleeter or miner that gives the sensation of numberless playing styles. Basically each player can use his own way to climb the ranks, some are doing it faster, some are doing it more steadily but the real winner is the one playing longer and calculating his account's development stages in advance.Below you can find the features, advantages and disadvantages of the two main playing styles.==Miners==A miner is a player that has very high mines as major source of income and often trade resources with other players.Thus miners tend to have a set number of Cargos on each planet in order to transport their resources.Since a miner doesn’t have a fleet, he can trade deuterium with fleeters to gain additional resources and (usually) the fleeter’s protection.However, a miner will need defence to protect resource income and Satellites.=Advantages:=- Mines are solid points that cannot be lost.- They generally do not need to spend as much time playing.- By trading regularly with highly ranked players in his area, a miner can acquire NAPs (non attacking pact) with potential attackers as well as gaining their protection.=Disadvantages:=- Miners must manage Energy efficiently to power up their mines, as Solar Plants are expensive and Solar Satellites are targets. Solar plants become useless way faster than Solar Satellites and building them up to the high twenties is not cost efficient and consumes much space on the planet. See more information <<Energy production>>.- Miners climb ranks slower than active fleeters, especially in universes where economy speed is not higher than fleet speed. However, miners with high mines and with regular farming can climb ranks faster than most fleeters because of their limited time.- Mines get very expensive and slow to raise towards the higher levels.=Colony Positioning:=- Close positioning in order to minimize deuterium costs and time on transporting resources can be easy target for some fleeters.- Picking a quiet galaxy (e.g 5) is advisable as less people are around, although it might increase time needed to trade with other players.=Other notes:=- Most miners usually build Solar Plants up to the high twenties, and then switch to Solar Satellites to cover their energy.- There are different types of miners, to learn more about it see our <<Miner guide>>.- Player style which is based on building mines and big number of defense is called Turtle style of playing==Fleeters==These are the players that have all the HoF battles and have the most chance of reaching the top of the toplist.They have large fleets consisting of every attacking ship type.Rather than farming small players like raiders, A fleeter makes his profit by crashing other players’ fleets and harvesting the debris field. However, farming small players is main source of resources. Attacking big players could be risky.=Advantages:=- Massive profits to be made.- Because of HoFs and Top Ten hits, fleeters are usually the players that are remembered after leaving.- Highly ranked fleeters are rarely probed in most cases.- Fleeting is said to be the most exciting way to play the game.=Disadvantages:=- A fleeter MUST be able to predict when he will be online.- This type of playing is time consuming.- If a fleeter has his fleet crashed, he will lose a lot of points.- For many players, a fleet crash is the end of the game.- It costs a lot of deuterium to fly with large fleet.=Colony Positioning:=- The further apart your planets, the more ground you will cover and therefore the more targets are available.- However, longer distance between planets, means more deuterium for transporting fleet around the galaxy. See more in <<Fleet saving>>.=Other notes:=- Fleeters often start out as miners. It is wise to have a good set of mines behind your fleet, as then in the event of being crashed you will be able to rebuild faster.- Fleeters often need to be good at calculations, as many attacks require precise planning.- There are different types of fleeters, to learn more about it see our <<Fleeter guide>>.
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    Soon in our CHRISTMAS EVENT: - Limited edition of SPACESHIPS and SPECIAL DEFENSES. - Many gifts for the members of our AGE OF SPACE COMMUNITY. More information in a few days, Thanks to everyone! - Age of Space Team -
  9. Imperatrix Galactica


    PRÓXIMAMENTE en nuestro EVENTO DE NAVIDAD: -Edición limitada de NAVES y DEFENSAS ESPECIALES - Muchos regalos para los miembros de la COMUNIDAD AGE OF SPACE Más información en unos días, Gracias a tod@s! - El equipo de Age of Space -
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    Gracias por tu aporte Miles Teg 😉 , muevo el hilo a guías y manuales de la Comunidad, Un saludo, Imperatrix G.
  11. Gracias por tu aporte Miles Teg 😉 , muevo el hilo a guías y manuales de la Comunidad, Un saludo, Imperatrix G.
  12. Gracias por tu aporte Canario89😉 , muevo el hilo a guías y manuales de la Comunidad, Un saludo, Imperatrix G.
  13. Imperatrix Galactica


    Gracias por tu aporte Miles Teg 😉 , muevo el hilo a guías y manuales de la Comunidad, Un saludo, Imperatrix G.
  14. Imperatrix Galactica


    Gracias por tu aporte Miles Teg 😉 , muevo el hilo a guías y manuales de la Comunidad, Un saludo, Imperatrix G.
  15. Imperatrix Galactica

    improve the game

    Thanks for your suggestions, the Age of Space team is already working on some new features. As soon as possible you will have more information in-game and on our Facebook. Best regards, Imperatrix Galactica