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  1. Don't see the point of admin putting this section on this forum, as they are very rarely on here to answer questions or give us any information. If there was a bug to report, it would probably be months before its picked up. We need a more effective admin, one that helps players, gives us information, and tells us what's going on within the game.
  2. southandr

    Intergalactic Research Network

    From what I can see, it makes no difference at all. I've had the same thoughts, except having a lab means you can build higher lever ships on each individual planet when you get to that level. Hope that helps, as it seems admin does very little on this forum to help us all out.
  3. Site down yet again, no warning, just down. Getting fed up of this, without at least a notice of intent. PLEASE, PLEASE, GIVE US SOME NOTICE.
  4. Wouldn't it be a good idea if Admin's posted on here, when site maintenance is due or the site goes down, so we can all be kept informed. Also how long its estimated the site will be off line, and why its off line.
  5. southandr


    Cant sign in again, is the site down???