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  1. People use smartphones on a regular basis. They cannot stop themselves from using it even for an hour. This excessive use of smartphones is causing a harmful effect on the lives of the people. Some of the harmful effects caused by smartphones in the life of the people are given as follows. The back and neck pain is one of the main side effects of high smartphone usage. While using the smartphones we do not care about our posture. We bend our backbone and neck while checking the phone. Though these problems do not come immediately, it can occur in later years. The screen light of the phones is can damage our optic nerves. Dark circles also come as a result of it. We spend hours checking our phones. This causes us to sleep very late at night. This will cause sleep disorders. Many physical problems can also occur as a result of lack of sleep. It can adversely affect our concentration power and slows down our thinking ability. We fill a lack of ability to focus on things. Most of us use our screen time either to check social media or to play games. We get so much attracted to the screen so that we will even forget to realize what is happening around us. We fail to give time to our family and friends. As a result, the relationship between family members and friend gets affected. We know that a lot of useful things are available on the internet. But we are wasting our life most probably by checking unwanted stuff. In some extreme cases, people even fall into the condition of depression. These cause them to seclude from society. They built their own world on the web. They could come out if this fake world only through intensive counseling sessions. Anyhow, everyone can save themselves from these side effects if they put control of their smartphone usage at the earliest. Visit essay service for any writing help.