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      IMAGINACTION EVENT   01/15/2017

      (debajo está el texto en español) IMAGINACTION EVENT (post your ideas in the section NEWS/GAME NEWS/EVENT, in the forum) Remember that to participate you must press "like button" in the Facebook page (@playageofspace) The event will reward the best ideas that can be applied to AgeOfSpace in each one of this sections:
      Economy, Colonization, War, Alliances, Other ideas. The winner of each section will receive 250,000 AM
      The second winner of each section will receive 120,000 AM
      The third winner of each section will receive 55,000 AM
      The deadline is for 01/03/2017, so you have plenty of time to write, read and modify your ideas until you can aspire to win a prize.
      Aspects to consider:
      -The ideas should be written in English or Spanish (it's the same event for everyone)
      - It will be positively valued that the idea is easy to apply to the game, we do not want impossible ideas, we want good ideas to be able to develop them
      and to make reality, that is the main objective of this event.
      -There is no text limit for ideas and each user can participate in all sections (economy, Colonization, War, Alliances, Other ideas)
      and with several ideas in each area.
      -Will gain the ideas selected for the moderation team and revised for de ADMINS
      -The winner of the idea of each section should copy it and paste it on facebook with a link to the game's Crowfunding page (developing).
      Through Crowfunding we want to raise money to pay for the development of PHP code of the WINNING IDEAS, so you can apply them
      paying an expert programmer, or investing us in a greater effort for its elaboration.
      Come to participate, we want to grow but we need good ideas and you are our family, we want your creativity Imaginaction has arrived, are you going to miss out on this opportunity? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMAGINACTION EVENT (escribe tus ideas en la sección del FORO Novedades/Novedades del juego/ Evento) Recuerda que para participar deberás dar "like" a la página de Facebook (@playageofspace) El evento premiará a las mejores ideas que puedan aplicarse a AgeOfSpace en cada una de estas secciones:
      Economía, Colonización, Guerra, Alianzas, Otras ideas. El ganador de cada sección recibirá 250.000 AM
      El segundo ganador de cada sección recibirá 120.000 AM
      El tercer ganador de cada sección recibirá 55.000 AM
      La deadline es para el 01/03/2017, por lo que tenéis mucho tiempo para escribir, leer y modificar vuestras ideas hasta que puedan aspirar a ganar un premio.
      Aspectos a tener en cuenta:
      -Las ideas deberán estar escritas en ingles o español (es el mismo evento para todos)
      -Se valorará positivamente que la idea sea facil de aplicar a el juego, no queremos ideas imposibles, queremos ideas buenas para poderlas desarrollar
      y hacer realidad, ese es el objetivo principal de este evento.
      -No hay un límite de texto para las ideas y cada usuario puede participar en todas las secciones (economía, Colonización, Guerra, Alianzas, Otras ideas)
      y con varias ideas en cada área.
      -Ganarán las ideas que el equipo de moderación seleccione
      -El ganador de la idea de cada sección deberá copiarla y pegarla en facebook con un enlace a la página de Crowfunding del juego (en desarrollo).
      A través del Crowfunding queremos recaudar dinero para pagar por el desarrollo del código PHP de las IDEAS GANADORAS, para así poderlas aplicar
      pagando a un programador experto, o bien invirtiendo nosotros en un mayor esfuerzo para su elaboración.
      Anímate a participar, queremos crecer pero necesitamos buenas ideas y vosotros sois nuestra familia, contamos con vuestra creatividad Imaginaction ha llegado ¿vas a dejar escapar esta oportunidad?     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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  2. Hanger hangup

    I get this when trying to go to my Hanger: NOTICE Message: Undefined offset: 277File: /cache/templates/en^918166a8b3aa6d140f1ae7602ed74ccb48f1e9a7.page.shipyard.default.tpl.phpLine: 956URL: http://s3.ageofspace.net/game.php?page=shipyard&mode=fleetPHP-Version: 5.3.3PHP-API: cgi-fcgiMySQL-Cleint-Version: 5.1.732Moons Version: 1.7.2676Debug Backtrace: #0 /cache/templates/en^918166a8b3aa6d140f1ae7602ed74ccb48f1e9a7.page.shipyard.default.tpl.php(956): errorHandler(8, 'Undefined offse...', 'FILEPATH ...', 956, Array) #1 /includes/libs/Smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php(281): content_593fc89a53e689_35901341(Object(Smarty_Internal_Template)) #2 /includes/libs/Smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php(374): Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->fetch('extends:layout....', NULL, NULL, NULL, true) #3 /includes/classes/class.template.php(143): Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->display('extends:layout....') #4 /includes/pages/game/class.AbstractPage.php(730): template->display('extends:layout....') #5 /includes/pages/game/class.ShowShipyardPage.php(475): AbstractPage->display('page.shipyard.d...') #6 /game.php(65): ShowShipyardPage->show() #7 {main}
  3. Noobs

    I am new to this game and trying to figure it out. Am doing some initial missions. Post a message here if your are either trying to figure it out or willing to give advice from your experiences. Thanks.
  4. Messages disappearing from Message center I was reading combat messages in the message center, and when I checked and tried to delete just 1 message, all my messages in all my message areas were deleted at once. Everything is gone! Spy messages, combat messages, everything! How did this happen?! And why? Is there a way to fix this issue please? I would like to get my messages back so I can see who attacked me Thanks Jianness
  5. How does one get enough Energy for a Graviton technology Research please? I want to research the Graviton Technology and the research center indicates that 300,000 energy is needed. Does all this energy need to be on the same 1 planet!? I have about 180,000 energy over 7 planets. How does one get 300,000 energy one one planet ??? Any ideas or advice would be very welcome please. Tips on getting max energy etc. Anything that could be helpful. Thank you for your advices. Jianness
  6. Leaving Game

    Worked my way up to 24th position ... have spent too much money on a game without support. Leaving because customer support is zero ... purchased anti-matter, did not receive it , zero response from customer service to any inquiry about any subject. I will go play other games that treat customers better. My account is scheduled to be deleted in about 3.5 hours
  7. Interceptor Missiles

    How can interplanetary missiles land on planet without with out any Interceptor Missiles being fired.
  8. Buenas. Creo que sería conveniente poder cambiar la posición del planeta inicial (reubicar) o al menos poder destruirlo. Gracias.

    The game was starting to get fun, until all these ads just got worse yesterday. No matter what browser I use, this game is now FULL of ads. Why?? Ads slow the game down and make it miserable to play. I am even a marketer, but this is ridiculous and it makes the game suck. No wonder none of my friends will come play with me and why they told me that this would happen. Can someone convince the idiots that decided that it was a good idea to have ads in this game, to get rid of them?? It clunks up the interface, they are distracting and most of all, they slow the game down considerably making the game really, really suck!! Anyone else hate the ads too??
  10. First Missions

    Je pense que la traduction n'a pas été faite totalement et cette section comme quelques autres est en espagnol même si on est langue Française. Ce n'est pas très pratique pour décrypter ce qu'on nous demande de faire. Personnellement je suis passé en Anglais, au moins tout le jeu est correct dans cette langue, et il n'y a pas besoin d'un niveau expert pour comprendre les missions demandé même dans la langue de Shaekspire
  11. Phalans

    Yo también quiero usa el sensor Phalans, lo tengo a nivel 4 y no sé ni donde verlo.
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  13. test

    Did I pass the test?
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  19. Market Trading Supplies Vanishing

    I used my market to create a trade... I traded 30K of Titanium for Graphene... in the Market Tab it said the trade ships were sent... the amount was deducted from me and I can see when I do a search for more trades now, that the amount I am waiting for, also was deducted. However, the ship hasn't arrived and I am seeing no indication that it is traveling still. What happened?? Where is my materials?? How do I get them back or how do we fix this?? What happened?? Please help!! Thanks.
  20. Stock Metal

    Bonjour à tous et toutes ... Peut-être que je ne comprend pas bien, mais ... Comment avec une Mine de Métal Niv.14 avec un rendement de 9.570 par heure, je n'ai que 10.911 au bout de + de 8h30 ? Merci pour la réponse que vous pourriez me fournir. Cordialement.
  21. Loss of Energy/Solar Power Plant

    Two weeks ago I upgraded my Solar Power Plant @ some great expense (Level 29) and my energy level never moved. Yesterday I was attacked. Does anyone know if you can lose energy when attacked? My Energy Level went down 380,000. My Solar Satellites are still intact.
  22. Dans les missions de la version française, les textes sont en espagnol ! Merci de régler le problème des que possible ! Merci pour votre compréhension ! cordialement.
  23. Son ?

    Bonne nuit ... Excusez-moi mais .... ce jeu n'a pas de son ? Merci.
  24. First Missions

    Bonjour à tous et toutes ... Savez-vous si on peut avoir en FR les explications de "First Missions" ? Et si oui, comment ? Par avance, Merci à vous ! Cordialement. Bonne après-midi !
  25. Flota bloqueada en vuelo

    Hola, lanzé un ataque hace dos dias la batalla no se realizó, ni se genero ningún informe de batalla, la flota volvió integra y al llegar al planeta de vuelta desapareció, tampoco se creó ningún informe de regreso de flota. Un par de horas más tarde volvió a aparecer en los detalles de flota indicando la hora que tenia que llegar el ataque (hora que ya habia pasado), me dejó darle a volver, tardó 14 horas a regresar y cuando llegó de vuelta volvió a quedar bloqueada. Las naves no estan en mi planeta estan supuestamente volando porque veo el detalle de flota, pero no van ni adelante ni atrás. Mandé varios mensages al soporte técnico pero no me contestan. Alguién puede decirme algo.
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